5 week Aspiring Product Manager Program

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šŸ“£ We strictly limit our class size to a maximum of 20 students.Ā 

This means that you are guaranteed one-on-one attention from your instructor to get mentorship and career support.

We welcomeĀ participants whoĀ are curious, driven to learn (aka growth mindset), and areĀ committedĀ to accelerate theirĀ career growth.

In your class, you will meet fellowĀ participants from a diverse range of backgrounds!

At this time, ourĀ programs are šŸ’Æ online! LIVE SESSIONS will be held on weekend afternoon (PST timezone).

Program options


Join our collaborative learning community and meet other aspiring and early career Product Managers!

Our promise: Community program will be šŸ’ÆŁŖ free, forever.

Our community has over 500+ members šŸ‘‹šŸ»

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Our most popular program!

As a team, you will work together on real-world case studies and build a portfolio to demonstrate your transferrable skills to hiring managers.

The Bootstrap program will give you access to our signature 5 week APM self-paced video course, deep dive LIVE sessions, PM Career Launchpad 1on1 sessions and more.

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An in-depth program most suitable for professionals who are looking to accelerate their career growth with individualized coachingĀ sessions.Ā Ā 

In addition to the BOOTSTRAP program structure, Funded program participants will receive:

+ Tailored 1:1 coachingĀ sessions
+ Instructor review of capstone project
+ CapstoneĀ event
+ Certificate of completion

+... and more!

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Program Benefits

  • Program overview

  • Week 1: Product Discovery

  • Week 2: Product Definition & Value Proposition

  • Week 3: Building your MVP

  • Week 4: Go To Market Strategy

  • Week 5: Metrics & KPI

Program overview

Week 1: Product Discovery

Week 2: Product Definition & Value Proposition

Week 3: Building your MVP

Week 4: Go To Market Strategy

Week 5: Metrics & KPI

Alumni experience

Personally, what really helped me with the 5 week APM program was Lisa's instruction & the course material. The program is rich with the material you can study but when it is class-time, Lisa provides clear instruction on the material & answers questions effectively.

The assignments will help build your product fundamentals even more and the instructors' feedback is great as well.

Phillip Nguyen, Student @ University of California - Irvine

Transitioning to the product role, I was looking for a course where I can get hands-on experience and not just theoretical. The 5 week APM program gave me exactly what I was looking for. The case study based format gave me insight into the product life cycle and how a Product Manager works on it.

I would totally recommend this course to anyone new to product management, or if you are looking to create a case study for your portfolio.

Garima Chandra (CSM, CSPO), Project Manager @ Democracy Lab

The way Lisa built the program was amazing. There were 5 weeks packed with lots of new information, frameworks, real case studies and great structure of the course. Lisa presented the material in a simple, very understandable way, but also showcasing it with real examples from the products we all know.

I would definitely recommend this program to anybody trying to break into a Product Management or deepen their knowledge in the field, like I needed. I personally found lots of answers to my own questions in my career path in Product Management through this program.

Alexandra Shvets, Product Manager @ Bestie

Career Pivots Product Management Masterclass

Meet your instructor: Lisa Huang-North!

Did 2020 throw a spanner in your career path? Youā€™re not alone.

With change as the only constant, how do you stay resilient and adapt to unplanned pivots?Ā It is more important than ever to translate your work experience into transferable skills.

In this masterclass, Lisa will share her strategies and actionable tactics to help you navigate your career transition into the field of Product Management.