About Us


Our mission is to democratize access to Product Management training for everyone - regardless of their financial situation.

5 week Aspiring Product Manager (APM) is a collaborative learning community where people from around the world can learn & build together ūüõ† ūüĆŅ¬†¬†

You will have an opportunity to put on your Product Manager hat ūüé© and translate your skills into hands-on projects!

This is a safe space to practice, grow, and fail forward.

Origin Story

Our founder, Lisa Huang-North initially created the 5 week APM program as a reward for her GoFundMe fundraising campaign in 2020. 

After receiving over 80+ applications for the program in 48hours, it was clear that there was a need for an affordable program to help aspiring Product Managers get hands-on experience to land their first PM job!

Over two months, Lisa iterated and refined the program with the help of her beta testers - the inaugural cohort of 48 participants. Through the Women in Product community, she reconnected with Amani - who became her thought partner and sounding board.

Having received immense interest in the 5 week APM program, Lisa and Amani decided to scale the program with a social impact mission - to democratize access to Product Management training for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.



 Lisa Huang-North

Lisa Huang-North is a customer focused, data driven product management leader. She is a Product & Program Lead at Planet, the leading provider of global, daily satellite imagery and insights. Planet designs, builds, and operates the largest fleet of earth observation satellite network delivering a near-daily global dataset.

Before joining Planet, Lisa had over a decade of industry experience spanning Strategy Consulting (PwC), Financial Services (Morningstar, inc), and Digital Marketing. Outside of work, Lisa is a strong advocate for women in tech through organizations like Women in Product and Tech Ladies. 




Amani Konduru is passionate about building products. She is currently a Product Manager at PayPal working in the SMBs space. Before PayPal, Amani interned at StubHub as a PM Intern. She worked on StubHub Checkout experiences on Native Apps, Mobile Web, and Desktop. Amani holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

Outside of work, Amani is a strong advocate for women in tech. She co-founded the first women in tech organization on campus at Georgia State and was the President of Women at College of Computing at Georgia Tech. She is currently an Alumni Hub leader for the Bay Area Hub for Rewriting the Code.



Core Team

Nidhi Kasliwal  Michelle Ngatino

Nidhi Kasliwal is a product professional who loves to explore interesting problems and build impact-driven products. She is the co-founder of Zoptree, a Tree Management Software Solution. Zoptree provides cost effective data management solutions to arborists and cities.

Before starting Zoptree, Nidhi had a decade of experience working in financial services and healthcare. She has worked with leading insurance companies in the US such as Allstate, Prudential and Sammons Financial. She knows what it takes to balance scrappiness with quality in a startup environment, and on navigating large-scale corporate environment. 

Nidhi is a risk-taker who believes in getting out of her comfort zone and taking on new challenges.




Michelle Ngatino is a Quality and New Product Introduction Engineer with 7+ years professional experiences in the medical device and healthcare industry.

Over the past few years, Michelle developed her passion for Product Management, which would allow her to have a direct input to meet customers' needs and satisfaction. Coupled with her Quality Engineering background, she aspires to be a key player in Product Management who can work in a cross-functional setting.

Michelle holds a Master degree in Engineering Leadership and Management from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Minnesota. Michelle is a strong advocate for women in tech and healthcare. She served as a Secretary of SWE Golden Gate Section and a Social Committee Chair of SWE Minnesota. Outside work, she loves running, hiking, dancing, and yoga and enjoys cooking and baking.